Working together...

A little sneak peak of what you can expect when working together

Plan and concept

We meet, talk or call each other. I want to understand your needs and business. The more we know each other, the better.


After one week, I send you a detailed storyboard. In that you can guess what the final product will look like. If you like it, let's do it.


When we have a solid concept, I will get the people and crew together. Based on the idea, there will be different requirements for the crew. 

If the idea involves a lot of locations and actors, preproduction can take a little longer.


But usually it takes between 2-4 weeks.


A normal shooting takes between one and three days. Depending on your project, it may take longer. But always just as long, as needed. 

If we need to reshoot, I try my best to gather the crew once again. 

You have the option whether i shoot in 4k or Full HD. 


Here i will create the final video. Adding soundeffects, cut and edit scene by scene and finalise the product. If needed, i will hire a composer who creates the score that suits your video best. Royalty free in the best quality possible.